February Athlete of the Month



•••Feb Athlete of the Month•••

We are so honored to call this badass our Feb Athlete of the Month. Cynthia is a badass. She always puts her heart and soul on the mat. Never complains and always gets the job done! This girl is always smiling and is always ready to RX whatever her coaches throws at her.



Keep up the hard work! Continue to grow and we can’t wait to see you excel in all that you do in CFET.

Wanna know more about Cynthia? Keep reading! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽



1. Name: Cynthia Mitsuko Hill


2. How old are you? 31


3. Where did you grow up? I was a military brat but I call Seattle my hometown


4. When did you become a member at Crossfit East Tucson?

I joined in January of 2014 then again in August 2018


5. What type of program or exercise/s were you doing before you tried Crossfit?

Bro gym but nothing consistent. I did ballet, gymnastics and cheer growing up.


6. What is your profession? Emergency room nurse


7. What else do you like to do outside of Crossfit East Tucson? (Hobbies and likes)

momming, wifing, shooting, shopping and eating.


8. How did you find out about Crossfit East Tucson?

Back in 2014 I knew a couple people who worked out at CFET and so I dropped in and enjoyed the atmosphere and the coaching.


9. When did you first know that Crossfit is right for you?

When I started back in 2012 I fell in love with it because everyday was a different exercise that challenged me in a new way. I loved getting stronger and the encouragement and support from my fellow crossfitters and coaches.


10. What is your least favorite WOD or movement and why?

I HATE thrusters with all my life because I injured myself once doing them and now I’m always hesitant doing them in WODs. I also don’t enjoy running because I suck at it haha


11. What is your favorite WOD or movement?



12. Brag about yourself. Since you have been in CFET, we have seen your growth as an athlete. Tell us about your journey.

I started CrossFit in october 2012 after seeing a friend of mine get in amazing shape from it. I was one year post baby and the weight was not coming off. The first couple of months I improved so much then I sort of plateaued. When I joined CFET the first time I immediately started hitting PRs again. I left to help someone open up their own gym and continued making great progress. I was in the best shape mid 2014-early 2015. Nursing school definitely became my priority though as I was nearing graduation and I definitely slacked in the gym. Then a series of life events took me further and further from where I used to be. I would sporadically Crossfit but nothing consistent. In 2018 I made a promise to myself to get healthy again. We joined CFET in August and I’m so glad I did. I’m back to being consistent in the gym! I feel better and I want my boys to see their mom as strong and healthy.


13. Do you know FRAN? If you do, how do you feel about her and what is your time? If you don’t know her, are you excited to meet her because I heard she is pretty amazing?

I know the b*tch. I hate the way she makes me feel. My best time ever was 6:52 Rx


14. What or who motivates you during your WODs?

The people I’m working out with and my coaches are always very motivating.


15. What is that one thing you thought you could never do at CFET but succeeded to get it done?

Snatch over 100# again.


16. Tell us something about yourself that not a lot of people know about? The weirder the better. 🙂

I’m just a weird person in general haha. I’m half Japanese half middle eastern (Lebanese and Syrian). Most people find that interesting about me. I have an OCD habit where I have to walk around park place mall in a certain direction and I have to complete my loop before I can leave. I have to go out the same door I came in through. Wes thinks that’s weird about me.


17. Do you have any advice for new Crossfitters?

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t Rx or hit PRs. Failures make you strong and humble.


18. Who is your favorite Crossfit Athlete?

Rich Froning 😍


19. Describe yourself in one word: Energetic


20. Which class do you usually take? 0830


21. If you had to program a WOD, what would it be?


21 lunges with plate 45/25
Run 200m
15 lunges with plate
Run 200m
9 lunges with plate
Run 200m