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Athlete of the month

By Adrian Reyes | In Uncategorized | on March 2, 2015
  1. Name: Vanessa Basantes
  2. How old are you? 28
  3. Where did you grow up? El Paso, Texas
  4. When did you become a member at Crossfit East Tucson? January 2015
  5. What type of program or exercise/s were you doing before you tried Crossfit? I took a lot of boxing and strength & conditioning classes.
  6. What is your profession? Right now, I am a stay at home mommy. I’m also working on my bachelors in psychology and will be done this summer.
  7. What else do you like to do outside of Crossfit East Tucson? (Hobbies and likes) besides CFET I enjoy running and hiking.
  8. How did you find out about Crossfit East Tucson? I have a friend who goes to Platinum Fitness and told me about it.
  9. When did you first know that Crossfit is right for you? When I finished my first crossfit class! The workout was awesome and the people were so welcoming.
  10. What is your least favorite WOD or movement and why? I don’t want to say that I have a least favorite WOD, but I really reallly dislike pull-ups and c2b.
  11. What is your favorite WOD or movement? So far I have enjoyed every WOD (even the ones with pull-ups). Movements would be thrusters, front and back squats
  12. Brag about yourself. Since you have been in CFET, we have seen your growth as an athlete. Tell us about your journey. I started CFET back in January. I walked in feeling intimidated and questioned myself about staying for the 9am class and I’m so thankful I stayed!! I have met such amazing people who have helped me realize the potential and the desire I have in learning more about Crossfit. I believe there is so much more in me to grow.
  13. Do you know FRAN? If you do, how do you feel about her and what is your time? If you don’t know her, are you excited to meet her because I heard she is pretty amazing? FRAN?! Of course I know about her. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her.. but I am pretty excited too lol.
  14. What or who motivates you during your WODs? Besides my husband and kids…During my WOD’S my Crossfit East Tucson family motivate me! They’re the best and I don’t know what I’m going to do without them when I move back to San Diego.
  15. What is that one thing you thought you could never do at CFET but succeeded to get it done? I never thought I had it in me to Deadlift 300+ lbs.
  16. Tell us something about yourself that not a lot of people know about? The weirder the better.  I am still crazy obsessed with the backstreet boys lol…weird!
  17. Do you have any advice for new Crossfitters? Don’t be afraid…you got this!
  18. Who is your favorite Crossfit Athlete? My favorite crossfit athlete is everyone who does crossfit… or Rich Froning 😉
  19. Describe yourself in one word: Ambitious
  20. If you had to program a WOD, what would it be? Anything that involved wall balls, burpees, box jumps, kb, and running

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