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Workout Of the Day



18.5 Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of: 3 thrusters (100/65) 3 C2B 6 thrusters 6 C2B 9 Thrusters 9 C2B 12 Thrusters 12 C2B 15 Thrusters 15C2B 18 Thrusters  18 C2B…    Finisher  15 min coach led stretch/foam roll 



Strict Press  5×3 *work up to a 3RM *record heaviest successful set 5 rounds for time 5 push press (95/65) 15 Box jumps (24/20) 30 Double unders  *scale- Push press 75/45, box jumps (20/14), 15 double under attempts



AMRAP 20 500m row (400m run if rowers are taken) 30 wall balls (20/14) 10 Deadlifts (225/155)  

Our Team

Coach Collier ‘Chill’ Hill


Coach Toby

CF-L2, CF Weightlifting Certified

Coach Adrian


Coach Nick


Coach Steve

CF-L1, USAW Certified Weightlifting Coach L-1


Latest News


February Athlete of the Month

    •••Feb Athlete of the Month••• We are so honored to call this badass our Feb Athlete of the Month. Cynthia is a badass. She always puts her heart and soul on the mat. Never complains and always gets the job done! This girl is always smiling and is always ready to RX whatever […]


January Athlete of the Month

  •••Athlete of the Month••• Congratulations Rob B.! We are very honored to have you as our Athlete of the month. You always work so hard and have come a long way, and it shows.   Rob has been working so hard since he started CF and we remember when a full squat was nonexistent […]


Pain Relief Techniques



March Athlete of the Month

•••Athlete of the Month•••   A big congratulations to one of our OG at CFET Kirsten Pelot! You have been through so much and somehow you still manage to get your butt in the gym, and work as hard as you possibly can. You are truly an amazing athlete and we couldn’t be more proud […]


April Athlete of the Month

•••Athlete of the Month•••   Congratulations Jacki! How cool is this, such a quiet athlete, but her hard work shows loudly. Jacki have been doing great in class and it shows. She is teachable and such a fun athlete to push through her own boundaries.   It’s truly an honor to have you as our […]


May Athlete of the Month

  •••May Athlete of the Month•••   Congratulations  Aeja! This woman is a hard worker. Since starting CF, she has shown excellence and progress. Put any challenges in front of her and she will try it with no hesitation. It is always a treat to have this young athlete in the box. She is […]